Lovely Jubbly Removals Terms and Conditions of Trade.


Quotations are valid for 21 days from the date of the quote being received via post, email or the day of the assessors visit. Whichever is the former. If extra items of Furniture, white goods or belongings are not declared and or are added to the move after receiving your quotation, and more resources, vehicles or man power are required than the originally quoted price to complete the job, further costs will be incurred and paid prior to commencement of said job.

Starting times.

The customer should be packed and ready to move from the scheduled agreed time unless we have agreed to carry out the packing and move on the day. And Removals will have a specific agreed start time.

Pm Removals will have an agreed start time, but we reserve the right to arrive later than agreed when the previous removal runs over its schedules time slot.
If an AM removal runs over its schedule, we would appreciate your understanding and patience, the afternoon start time can be much later than estimated.

Therefor we will not accept any or all liability if we arrive after the agreed start time if beyond our control and will not offer any re-numeration in any or all cases.

Jobs charged by an hourly rate.

Removals that are charged on an hourly rate will start from when the vehicle arrives and finish once the last item has been unloaded and the customers’ requirements have been met. We do NOT charge for travel to and from our base. Long distance removals are charged from base to base and all quotes will include travel time and fuel. Unless a fixed price removal has been agreed.

Please note: job lengths are only an estimation and removal lengths will very, removals can take longer than the estimation and charged at the total time taken to complete the move regardless of the original quoted price. All jobs are charges by the hour regardless of how much of the hour is used i.e. if you book 2 hours, but the removal takes 2 hours 15 minutes, you will be charged for 3 hours.

Our service

We complete each job to the very highest standard. Our Porters are there to make your life easier so just let them know where you would like your furniture and if it is reasonable and safe to do so, we will carry out your instructions.

It is the responsibility of all clients to make sure their furniture and any or all belongings fit into the new property or storage units etc. We reserve the right to refuse entry into any location, property or out buildings if we deem them a hazard for any or all reasons made at that time buy the supervising Porter. All properties must be good repair and without damage before any or all jobs can commence. If a client’s belongings or furniture will not fit into the new property extra costs will be incurred to transport them to another location regardless of distance or time to travel.

A Disconnecting and reconnecting service is also available at additional fees unless agreed at the time of booking. Dishwashers and washing machines can be disconnected and reconnected if no plumbing, carpentry or and form of building work is necessary. There must also be adequate space and water catching device for over spill. We will not accept any or all claims for any damages caused by us what so ever and under any circumstances as a direct or indirect result of the removal of any item or items including: Washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. Removing or installing any electrical fridges if there is space to do so.

We will not under any circumstance disconnect gas, electrical or hardwired appliances.

Any and all furniture screwed to a wall or any other kind of structure should be disconnected and ready to move by the customer before our arrival. We can offer this service at additional costs, but we must be instructed to do so at the time of booking. Delays to your removal due to the above may incur additional fees.

We will not and do not take any items what so ever from any and all locations for disposal. We can arrange for this service for you, but additional costs will be levied

Pianos. We can remove pianos from any location as long as it is from ground floor to ground floor with no more than two steps Unless our extended piano cover is accepted.

Any item can be removed through any window of door way if required but no responsibility what so ever and under any circumstance will be taken by Lovely Jubbly Removals for any and all damages caused.

Furniture dismantling and reassembling.  

This service is offered to all clients regardless of size of removal. We can dismantle and rebuild any kind furniture if it is in good repair and is designed to be dismantled once assembled. The client may instruct any member of the team to dismantle any item of furniture what so ever, but this must be agreed by senior management at lovely jubbly removals before such commencement.

Any and all items dismantled and reassembled are done so at the complete and utter responsibility or the client and we do not or will not accept any liability what so ever under any circumstance for damage caused. By instructing us to carry out any such work confirms that you have accepted full responsibility for any and all damages.

Customers packing and moving responsibilities.

We cannot accept any responsibility for damage or breakage to any items that have not been packed by ourselves. Boxes that are not sealed or in poor repair may be excluded from any or all our vehicles as damage is likely to accrue.

All goods are covered whilst in transit between locations and that are caused directly from a road traffic accident, fire, theft or water damage during transit. Optional insurance is offered at varying levels of cover. Please speck to any member of the team for more details.

All electrical audio and television equipment must be boxed in a protective wrapping and items not boxed and protected are moved at the clients risk and any or all damages caused will be the responsibility of the client.

All Fridges and freezers must be emptied and switched off and ready to move.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that every item of furniture and belongings in any and all locations are packed and loaded onto our vehicles before leaving a location. Returning for forgotten items of any kind will encore fees

The client should remain on site throughout the removal unless prior agreements are made. Removals to be made without the client present must insure that we have adequate access to and from the property and any or all relevant keys.

Dirty or dangerous working conditions.

All removals will be headed up by a senior porter. It is his or her sole responsibility to deem a site fit or unfit for work to commence. We will not tolerate Waste of any kind or any risk to our worker health. We reserve the right to cancel any job for any reason at any time that the senior porter deems appropriate due to and environmental risk. Under such conditions no refund or re-numeration off any kind what so ever will be offered to the client.

Banned Items.

Toxic waste, paint tins and gas bottles Dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances, Live animals, fire arms, drugs or any other illegal goods.

Rest Breaks at work.

The current UK law requires that workers have the right to a minimum of one uninterrupted 20-minute rest break during their working day. Please consult your senior porter to arrange a suitable tea break or lunch.

Pre-bookings and Payment.

We can pre-book your move for up to 4 weeks in advance, this will allow us the flexibility to move your dates around if needed subject to availability. We will instruct you within a minimum of 7 days if your dates availability is running out. Pre-bookings are not confirmation that you move is in fact booked. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm booking and arrange payment within 48 hours of the removal commencement.

Cancellations (Your Rights).

You have the right to cancel. We never charge cancellation fees (as of 20/11/18) There is no fee for cancellation providing you have informed us of the cancellations within 24hrs of the commencement date and time. Cancellations given after this time will incur a %50 charge of the total fee for us to cover costs.

Cancellation (Our Rights).

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone your move due to bad weather. Unlikely events would include heavy snow or ice or anything that would make the removal extremely hazardous.

Sub-contracting work.

We reserve the right to sub contract work and our sub-contractor works to our exact high standards and adhere to our working terms and conditions.

Insurance and Damages.

Our vans all have goods in transit Insurance up to £20,000. Our Subcontracted vans have goods in transit also up to £10,000. This protects your goods whilst in transit between locations. Our standard insurance will pay a maximum of £500 per item that is damaged as a direct result of our negligence. Insurance can be increased to various levels as requested for an additional fee.

What is not covered.

Cash, jewellery, live animals, fish, reptiles, plants, precious stones and metals, deeds, bonds, stamps, theft of Items, loss of data on a computer or any storage device, fire damage, water damage, weather damage. We will not be liable for mechanical or electrical faults unless there is evidence of impact damage

Any damage from a storage unit however caused and by any means is not covered by us and you must seek any damages directly from the storage company. We move your belongings from location to location and once delivery has been made to any location including storage units our responsibilities end. It is there for advised to have someone at the collection and delivery points to check items.

Damage to customer’s property.

Our Insurance does not cover damage to customer’s property under any circumstances. Your own home Insurance should cover this in the unlikely event of accidental damage to your property.

Public Liability Insurance.

We are covered up to 2 million pounds.

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