Lovely Jubbly Removals
Packing Service

Make sure your belongings are packed properly for
transport in Bristol, the UK or across Europe.

Professional Packing Service for Removals

Lovely Jubbly Removals brings the same expertise in moving to packing. Let us streamline your relocation.

As one of the leading removal firms in Bristol, we understand the challenges people face when moving. To make moving easier and more secure for you, we provide a packing service. We want to offer clients the same level of expertise in packing that they have come to expect from our removal services.

What We Do:

Once you hire us, a member of our packer team will visit your location. They will begin packing the items for safe removal in an efficient manner. Much like our movers, our packers are trained to carry out their tasks with as little disruption to your life as possible. They will have all the necessary items packed securely before the transport vehicle arrives at your location.

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What You Get:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Although our removal packing services are based in Bristol, they are available for hire throughout the UK.

No. Our packing services do not have a minimum or maximum number of items. We will gladly pack your items no matter how many there are.

Yes. Our team of packers is highly skilled in what they do. For items that are irregularly shaped, specifically those that can’t fit inside boxes, they are wrapped carefully in the necessary packaging materials.

Lovely Jubbly Removals accepts various forms of payment. We accept cash and all major credit cards, including AMEX. We are a customer-centric business and we strive to provide you with solutions that are convenient.

You can contact us through calls, emails and our contact form. For enquiries, call us on 01179 90 2468 or send an email to We are online and on-call until 7 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on weekends.

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